How You Can Help Us

we are stronger when we are together


Thanet Iceberg Project is looking for volunteers to help us with our various projects, as our community looks for help in the next steps in these uncertain times.

The Kitchen is a community cafe and restaurant that uses food surplus to help make good food accessible to all. Working on a pay what you can/pay it forward model, The Kitchen team are committed to offering equal hospitality to all, regardless of their current economic or social status.

We need:

  • Chefs with experience of working in a professional kitchen
  • Kitchen Porters
  • Front of House servers
  • Befrienders



We require chefs with professional kitchen experience to help in the kitchen. From breakfast to lunch and possible takeaway orders, this is a busy little kitchen but the rewards are high, knowing that someone is getting a good meal because of you. We also require front of house volunteers who are willing to work to high standards – and as if they were being paid – who are comfortable in dealing equally with a very wide range of customers. To this end, we also need people willing not just to talk with the customers but more importantly to listen. ‘Friends’ who will be there on a regular basis. Additionally, in this current climate we need volunteers who are able to take the appropriate steps to ensure their own safety and that of customers in terms of abiding by the guidelines for cleaning, distancing, and safety relating to the coronavirus.


The Loft is our household project. We collect donations of new or second hand household items (furniture, white goods, small appliances, kitchen items and decorative furnishings/pictured etc) that are in excellent condition. These are then offered free to those in need. First time buyers, new renters, the newly housed/ex rough sleepers etc who are not able to buy (even second hand) can then be matched to the items they need.

We need:

  • People willing to deliver and collect furniture. Either a driver or non driver
  • People to work in the stockroom/showroom
  • Admin staff

We are looking for volunteers to organise the stock and arrange it for ease of browsing, someone to man the premises on regular hours and handle viewing appointments, volunteers to deal with the administration of the project (taking enquiries etc) as well as people with large vehicles who can be called upon to collect donations and/or make deliveries.

At Crossroads we work hard to signpost people to the help that they need. All across Thanet there are some amazing organisations working to help people deal with many of the causes of poverty. Indeed, it can almost seem too many. Where do you turn to when you need help?

We liaise with many of these organisations to help people with form filling, appointment making, chaperoning, phone calls, etc. We are looking for compassionate, professional, non judgemental people who are willing to take the small actions that can have big consequences in someone’s life.

We need:

  • People comfortable at chatting with and befriending people over the phone
  • People to help fill in forms, respond to mail, make phone calls etc
  • Chaperones/escorts to go with people to meetings
  • Mentors happy to regularly meet clients


Maybe it is accompanying someone to an appointment, explaining how to access statutory help available to them, or just a regular meet up over coffee to be a willing listener.